Adoption Jigsaw was founded in 1978 by adopted adults, birth parents and adoptive parents for the purpose of lobbying for legislative change and more openness in adoption. Some changes came about in 1987, when adopted people were given the right to access records giving information about their birth parents, and in 1994 when birth parents were given similar rights regarding their children. Further changes were proclaimed in June 2003.

Though support and lobbying were Adoption Jigsaw’s initial priorities, partial funding from the Department for Child Protection enabled us to expand and professionalise our service, whilst maintaining the level of understanding that only personal, first hand experience of adoption can provide. 

In 2010 we changed our name to Jigsaw Search & Contact to incorporate people wishing to make family connections where there is no legal adoption.  Adoption Jigsaw continues to operate as a service within Jigsaw Search & Contact”.

Jigsaw is managed by a volunteer committee, most of whom are directly involved in adoption. We employ a professionally qualified manager/counsellor to provide most client services. All our staff has long term experience in adoption or separation issues, some are personally involved. We are fortunate and grateful to have the assistance of volunteers to help with search and various administrative tasks.

Jigsaw is a not for profit agency. We are financed by government grants, fees charged and donations. We have Preferred Service Provider Status.

All donations are welcomed.

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Privacy Statement

Adoption Jigsaw complies with the 2001 Privacy Act. We collect and store information about visitors to our web-site, this information cannot identify individuals and is only used for us to measure visitors to different parts of our site. You can browse our site without entering any personal information. Client information is only accessed by staff and if relevant by trained volunteer searchers. It is never passed on or shared with any other agency or person.