On 10th December 1999 as I sat reading the paper the phone rang. It was a lady from Jigsaw. She asked my name and some questions about my movements 35 years ago. After it was established that I was the person she was looking for she informed me that I had a daughter in Perth and asked if I would like to make contact with her. My heart skipped a beat. “Yes,” was my reply? Later that day I heard the words “Hello Dad” from my daughter for the very first time. I think I could have walked on air after that first half hour phone call with her.

Since that day we have talked many times on the phone and my daughter has visited me. We had sixteen wonderful days together and have since kept in constant contact. Now not only is she my daughter but also my best friend and a constant source of joy and happiness for me. I guess that my daughter’s adoptive mother and family must be wonderful people because she speaks about them in such glowing terms and the warmth in her voice reflects the love that flows throughout the family. I hope to meet all her family soon and I feel that we will become good friends. I have so much to thank them for, especially her mother for she has reared such a wonderful daughter. I would also like to thank the people at Jigsaw because without their help I would be a lonely person.