A Contact Register is a means of letting another person know that you are interested in some information and/or contact. If both parties put their name down and there is a ‘match’ we will discuss your wishes with you – you may want to contact, to exchange letters through us or simply wish to leave some information. Documentation is not required until a potential match is established and you want Jigsaw to assist you.

Please Note: We are a not-for profit organisation and must charge $15 to register. Payment is via PayPal but you do not need to have a paypal account,you can use a credit card via PayPal. 

Jigsaw will be permanently closing on 20 December 2023 As such there is now no cost to place your name on the Contact Register and if there is a match we will be in touch. We are happy to and try and assist until then.

If you want to register by mail, contact us on jigsaw@jigsaw.org.au/ or phone – (08) 9328 4000 and we can send you a form.

Note: This is not a full search, we will check our records and place your name on our Register, but if you want a full search for a birth relative you need to join Jigsaw and apply for a full search and intermediary service. To get an application form, click here: https://jigsaw.org.au/join-jigsaw/

We have four registers, click on the form below that describes how/why you were separated from your birth/natural relatives:


Select if adoption was involved (including step parent adoptions).

Separated Family / Foster Care

Select if NO adoption was involved, e.g. raised by a single parent or in foster care.

Former UK Child Migrant

Both family and friends can register.

Forgotten Australians or Care Leavers

Both family and friends can register.