A Contact Register is a means of letting another person know that you are interested in some information and/or contact. If both parties put their name down and there is a ‘match’ we will discuss your wishes with you – you may want to contact, to exchange letters through us or simply wish to leave some information. Documentation is not required until a potential match is established and you want Jigsaw to assist you.

Please Note: We are a not-for profit organisation and must charge $15 to register. Payment is via PayPal but you do not need to have a paypal account,you can use a credit card via PayPal. If you want to register by mail, contact us on jigsaw@jigsaw.org.au/ or phone – (08) 9328 4000 and we can send you a form.

Note: This is not a full search, we will check our records and place your name on our Register, but if you want a full search for a birth relative you need to join Jigsaw and apply for a full search and intermediary service. To get an application form, click here: https://jigsaw.org.au/join-jigsaw/

We have four registers, click on the form below that describes how/why you were separated from your birth/natural relatives:


Select if adoption was involved (including step parent adoptions).

Separated Family / Foster Care

Select if NO adoption was involved, e.g. raised by a single parent or in foster care.

Former UK Child Migrant

Both family and friends can register.

Forgotten Australians or Care Leavers

Both family and friends can register.