I was born as a result of donor insemination or other assisted reproduction, what help is available?

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Children born as a result of reproductive technologies may have similar feelings to adoptees including feelings of loss, powerlessness and anger. We can provide counselling and support. We can also assist parents with information on how best to tell children of their origins.

Information and support is also available from these specialist agencies/groups:

Reproductive Technology Council
189 Royal St
East Perth WA 6004
Ph: (08) 9222 4260
Fax: (08) 9222 4236
Email: sandy.webb@health.wa.gov.au
Website: numbat.murdoch.edu.au/RTC/rtchome.html

Genesis IVF Support Group
Website: www.genesiswa.org.au
Email: info@genesiswa.org.au

ACCESS (Aust.National Infertility Network)
PO Box 959
Parramatta NSW 2124
Ph: (02) 9670 2380
Fax: (02) 9670 2608
Email: info@access.org.au
Website: www.access.org.au

Donor Conception Support Group (DCSG)
PO Box 53
Georges Hall NSW 2198
Email: dcsg@optusnet.com.au
Website: www.dcsg.org.au