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  11. Does your adopted child know you are registering? (required)
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Your adoptive child's BIRTH details. (leave blank if not known)
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Details of the adoption
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The questions below are only for research purposes, names are not kept, only statistics to help us better understand people's experiences.
  1. Did you and your spouse separate whilst the child was under 18 years of age?
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  3. Did an adoptive parent die whilst the child was under 18 years of age?
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Birth mother's details at time of child's birth (leave blank if unknown)
Birth father's details at time of child's birth (leave blank if unknown)
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Other Information
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About Us
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Who can we tell?
  1. Generally birth relatives want contact with the adopted child rather than his/her adoptive family. However different situations do arise and we will respond according to our assessment of an individual situation. We would like to know your wishes as below.
  2. If a birth relative of your child registers can we tell them of your registration? (required)
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  4. If your adopted child registers can we tell her/him of your registration? (required)
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  6. We want to assist Government adoption agencies and/or other funded/approved post adoption agencies with their searches, if a post adoption service contacts us, can we tell them that you are on our contact register? (required)
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  8. Can we give an agency/post adoption service your contact details (we do not give your details to another party to the adoption? (required)
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What happens if there is a match?
  1. As most birth relatives want contact with their birth relative we will only inform you of 'a match' if the other party wants contact with the adoptive family.
  2. We will NOT give your contact details out without your consent at the time of a match.
  3. Registration does not mean you want to have direct contact.
  4. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep Jigsaw informed of a change of address (required)
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Other information
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Search and Intermediary Services
  1. Please contact our office on (08) 9384 0222 if you wish to discuss our search and intermediary services.
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