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What happens if there is a match?
  1. We will endeavour to contact both parties and ask your wishes, we will not give your consent. Registration does not mean you want to have direct contact. If we cannot locate one party, ie contact details may be out of date, we will let you know and you can decide if and how to proceed eg you may want us to undertake a search.
Privacy Questions
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Search Services
  1. If there is no match it does not mean that your birth parent or relatives do not want contact – this is a new register (begun in 2013). You may want to consider using our search and mediation services.
Intermediary Services
  1. We believe an intermediary or mediation service can help both parties. Many birth parents have never spoken about the adoption and it can be very helpful to have a neutral person who understands adoption to speak with. If you want to use our mediation services one of the parties will need to take out a mediation package (see Join Jigsaw for current costs). We will require proof of your involvement in adoption.
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  1. Click the Submit button below to proceed to Paypal and complete your registration. You can pay by credit card if you do not have or wish to use a Paypal account.