To search/contact birth family

  1. If it involves a foster, reproductive technologies, or step family click here
  2. Aboriginal people, follow step 1 below, you may wish to obtain specialist help (see FAQ 17)
  3. Those involved in adoption:
    Step 1 – Apply for your documentation from the relevant state government department. Each state has different laws, click below on the relevant state/country and you will be directed to the procedure for that state/country.
    Step 2 – Consider joining Adoption Jigsaw. We offer support, understanding and advice at each stage of your journey. It is a good way to begin to educate yourself about the possible consequences of search, contact and reunion. You can join prior to, or after, obtaining your documentation.
    Step 3 – Search and contact. Information on the laws in your state appears below. In most states you can conduct your own search and make contact yourself OR you can use our search and mediation services. In WA if you are not making the contact personally a licensed mediator must be used.

If you are a relative, contact the relevant government department to check any entitlement to information.

In what state/country did the adoption take place?