Adopted Adults (18+)

Can obtain identifying information.

Step 1: Is to obtain information from the government department. Contact below for application forms and other information.

Adoptions Section
Room C202
General Register Office
Trafalgar Rd
Southport   PR8 2HH   UK


You will be required to attend an interview with a licensed counsellor. If you wish to use our services, return the completed application form to the UK with Adoption Jigsaw nominated as the counselling agency here in Perth. The documents will be sent to us and you will be notified by them, you can then phone for an appointment with our counsellor to receive your information. Jigsaw can provide search and contact for adoptees born in England and Wales.

Birth Parents

Cannot obtain identifying information themselves and must work through an intermediary in the UK. There are times when information must be sent to you through an agency in Australia and we are happy to help with that.

Contact the General Register Office website to obtain information about finding someone who was adopted if you’re a birth relative and about the Intermediary Agencies.
You can also register on their Contact Register for a fee.         

Our services – We can assist you with information, counselling, search, contact and mediation.
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Scotland, Northern Island and Republic of Ireland

Contact Jigsaw and we can refer you to private researchers in the relevant country.