Adopted adults (18+) and Birth parents:

Can obtain identifying information (unless a veto preventing access was placed prior to 2003 – see below) and non-identifying information. All WA adoptions, including those arranged privately, had to go through the Department for Child Protection (has had various names). There is no charge for this information. New legislation was proclaimed on 1 June 03 preventing new vetos being placed.

Step 1:

Apply for information from the government department. You can contact them yourself for the appropriate form or click below, fill out your details and we will send you the relevant form. You can contact DCP at:

Department Of Communities
Child Protection and Family Support

Post Adoption Services
5 Newman Court
Fremantle   WA   6959

Locked Bag 5000
Fremantle   WA   6959
FreeCall: 1800 182 178 (press 1 for adoptions) – Australia wide


WA has a veto system

Prior to 2003 there has been both contact and information vetos. A contact veto means you can obtain identifying information but you must sign a statutory declaration that you will not contact the person concerned. Contact vetos placed prior to 1/6/2003 are still valid, no further vetos have been accepted from this date.

All information vetos were removed on 1/6/2005. This means every adopted person can obtain her/his original birth certificate and birth mothers can obtain their child’s adoptive details.

Note: new recommendations in regard to vetos are currently being considered.

To be sent a DCP form contact us.

Step 2:

DCP will send you non-identifying information, an authority to access the relevant birth certificate, a copy of the court documents and a book called A Guide to Search, Mediation and Contact in Adoption, this includes an explanation of the search process. If you want us to search for you, you must join Adoption Jigsaw, if you haven’t already done so. If we have a ‘match’ on the contact register we will contact each party and discuss it further.

We will begin the search as soon as all relevant documentation is received. We will arrange an interview with you when we have information about the person being sought.

If you want to do the search, but use our mediator: We will contact you to arrange an interview with our mediator. You still need to join Adoption Jigsaw.

Join Adoption Jigsaw
Click here for brochure – Using A Mediator


Adoption Research and Counselling Service (arcs)
301 Railway Parade. Maylands WA 6051
PO Box 187,  Mount Lawley, WA 6929

Ph:   (08) 9370 4914
Fax:  (08) 9370 4917
Provides pre and post adoption services for all parties to adoption.

ARMS – (Association Representing Mothers Separated from children by adoption)
Phone: (08) 9336 1337

Forced Adoptions Support Service
Freecall: 1800 21 03 13

Yorgum Healing Services  (assists Aboriginal people with counselling, search and mediation)
176 Wittenoom St
East Perth 6004

Ph: 1800 469 371 or  (08) 9218 9477
Tuart Place

Fremantle Resource Centre
24 High Street

Ph: (08) 6140 2380
Freecall: 1800 619 795


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