In order to assist you, you must first obtain your documents from the relevant state Government Adoption Dept. This usually takes many months so we advise you to do this prior to joining Jigsaw. We encourage Perth people to attend our discussion groups. You are welcome to contact us to discuss any matter.

Note that this application requires your signature, you can post, fax or scan and email it to us.

JIGSAW FEES – $300 incl. GST

Jigsaw is a membership based not-for-profit organisation. To reduce administration costs we charge one fee regardless of the search and mediation work involved.

Membership entitles you to:

  • Newsletter – Jigsaw Pieces published quarterly.
  • Use of Jigsaw library
  • Registration on our Contact Register
  • Use of Jigsaw facilities for search

Please contact us to discuss any special problems with fees.

It is not possible to advise you regularly about the progress of your search or mediation, however you are welcome to contact us for an up date.

Create Downloadable Membership Application

Please enter details into the following form fields. Once complete click the Submit button to download a PDF version of the membership form.

Print this form and then fill in the outstanding details such as payment details and signatures.

Once complete please send the signed, completed form to Jigsaw by either email, fax or post.