Who can we assist?

  • Counselling and support services are available to anyone involved in adoption and/or separated from family through fostering, stepfamilies or reproductive technologies.
  • Search and Mediation Services are available to anyone involved in an Australian, UK or New Zealand adoption. We can also assist people separated from birth families for any number of reasons eg step or foster family.
  • Aboriginal people – whilst we can assist; you may also wish to contact one of the specialised services. Click here.
  • OtherContact our staff, we may be able to assist or refer you to someone who can.


With over 40 years experience and over 4700 reconnections Jigsaw is the most experienced WA agency.

How long will it take? – this is impossible to predict as it depends on many different factors. Sometimes search is straight forward and very quick, at other times pains taking and time consuming.

UK search – we can carry out the search. It may be more complex and often takes considerable time.

Costs – are included in the basic membership package. Additional costs are the purchase of essential certificates eg marriage, birth, death and any long interstate/overseas phone calls. Our experience often enables us to search for minimal cost.

Prefer to search yourself? – we are happy to support and advise you on how to conduct your own search.

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When the person you seek is found, Adoption Jigsaw offers the services of our Licensed Mediator to make the initial approach on your behalf. Our experiences over the past 30 years show that better outcomes are usually achieved when an experienced, understanding and supportive mediator makes this first contact. Being ‘found’, is usually a shock, using a mediator allows the ‘found’ person time to think and talk to a neutral person.

For further information click on Should I use a Mediator?
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Information on ‘How do I begin?’


Being adopted, relinquishing a child or raising an adopted child impacts on those involved over the course of their life. Secrecy, shame, anxiety and guilt have often been the companions of adoption. Counselling can assist you to explore the impact of adoption in your life and to develop a greater understanding of yourself and others.

Many people fear that seeing a counsellor is a sign of weakness or craziness. Consulting a person experienced in the area makes sense, just as you would consult a doctor, accountant or lawyer. Counselling is an opportunity to explore what is getting in the way of leading the life you wish to lead. Fees are $60 per session. Some negotiation may be possible. Telephone counselling is available.

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Please read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) first, you may find the information you need. If you need additional information please contact us.


Support Groups

The search and reunion process can be a difficult time emotionally. To be able to talk (or just listen) about your experiences with others in a similar situation, who not only understand but also share your feelings, can be extremely helpful. We currently have one support group for birth mothers only. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served.

Birth Mothers Group – held on the first Tuesday of the month (in Perth) from 10.30am-12 pm for birth mothers. 

  • There is also an informal monthly breakfast at a café, contact us for more information.

Adoptees Group – we usually meet every two months on a Saturday morning from 10.30 – 12 pm at our office in Perth.

Please contact us for addresses and additional information.


Adoption Jigsaw is a membership based, not-for-profit organisation. Members receive regular newsletters, free use of our library and can participate in the running of the organisation. Whilst we receive some government support membership fees are essential to our financial survival.

Membership is included in the mediation package, membership is not necessary to use our information and counselling services.

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Contact Register

A register is maintained by Adoption Jigsaw for all parties who wish to leave their details to assist with searching. We have over 20,000 names registered. If there is ‘a match’ we will contact each party and discuss their wishes. Leaving your name and details eliminates the need to search and enables the other party to know that contact is likely to be welcomed.

DCP (Department for Child Protection) also has a contact register. If there is a ‘match’ on both registers you can decide which agency you wish to proceed with. Adoption Jigsaw offers the advantage of other services and ongoing support for both parties.

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Our newsletter – Jigsaw Pieces is produced quarterly, it includes articles of interest, information on any changes to laws and most importantly personal stories. Our clients frequently comment that reading of others experiences was enormously helpful. We welcome stories and try and publish all viewpoints. Newsletters are free to all members. Jigsaw does not necessarily endorse views expressed by writers.

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We have an extensive library for the exclusive use of our members.
We appreciate any donation of books.

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Professional Consultancy

Adoption is a life long process with unique challenges. Contact our counsellor if you would like to consult on adoption issues.

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